How to Import Your Crypto Transaction Data into Moonscape

Importing Your Crypto Transaction Data into Moonscape

Welcome to the guide on how to seamlessly import your crypto transaction data into Moonscape, the comprehensive solution for managing your cryptocurrency taxes with ease.

Why Import Your Crypto Transactions?

Importing your crypto transactions allows Moonscape to accurately display your crypto balances and transactions in Moonscape, and to calculate your taxes based on this data. This process saves you the hassle of manual entry, ensuring your tax reporting is as accurate and efficient as possible.

What Are API Keys?

API keys are unique identifiers used to authenticate and communicate with the APIs of your crypto exchanges. When you provide Moonscape with API keys, our software uses these keys to securely access your transaction history on the exchange. This process is read-only, meaning our software can view your transactions to import them, but cannot make any changes to your account or execute trades. This ensures your account remains secure and your data is imported accurately.

How to Import Your Crypto Transactions Using API Keys

Locate API Key Creation on Your Exchange:

  • Log in to your cryptocurrency exchange account and navigate to the section where you can create or manage API keys. This is often found in the settings or security area of your account.

    You can view our guides on how to do this for each exchange we support here: How to create API keys

Create a New API Key:

  • Follow your exchange’s instructions to create a new API key. Ensure that you grant read-only permissions to this API key to maintain the security of your account.

Enter Your API Key in Moonscape:

  • Once your API key is created, log in to Moonscape, and navigate to the section for importing transactions. Select your exchange from the list and enter the API key details as prompted.

Import Transactions:

  • After entering your API key, click "Import" to begin the process. Moonscape will use the API key to automatically pull your transaction data from the exchange, importing it directly into our system.

Special Case: Signing in with Coinbase via OAuth

For Coinbase users, we offer an even simpler option: Sign in with Coinbase via OAuth.

Select Coinbase Import:

  • In the import section of Moonscape, select Coinbase from the list of exchanges.

Sign in with Coinbase:

  • Click on the "Sign in with Coinbase" button. You'll be redirected to Coinbase's login page.

Authorize Access:

  • Log in to your Coinbase account and authorize Moonscape to access your transaction history. This uses OAuth, a secure login standard, ensuring that you don't need to share your API keys. Like with API keys, this access is read-only.

Complete the Import:

  • Once authorized, you'll be redirected back to Moonscape, where your Coinbase transactions will be automatically imported.

Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are our top priorities. Whether you're using API keys or signing in via OAuth, Moonscape only has read-only access to your transaction data. This means we can import your data without the ability to make any changes or transactions. We use this data solely to display your balances, transactions in Moonscape, and to calculate your taxes.

Final Steps

After your transactions have been imported, you can review them in Moonscape and proceed with your tax calculations. Moonscape is designed to make your crypto tax reporting as straightforward and accurate as possible.

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the import process, our support team is here to help. Contact us.

Congratulations 🎉, you have successfully navigated the process of importing your crypto transactions into Moonscape. We're here to support you every step of the way in your crypto tax reporting journey. Start simplifying your crypto tax reporting with Moonscape today!

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