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A better way to track your tax cost-basis, and generate tax reports

United States and United Kingdom tax reporting supported

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Connect, Review, and Report

Comprehesive tax reporting in 3 steps

Connect your exchanges

Quickly link your accounts using secure API integration. Moonscape pulls all your transaction data together, ensuring no trade is left untracked for tax purposes.

Review your transactions

Moonscape scans for incomplete records, filling in Fair Market Value (FMV) details and flagging discrepancies. Verify your data to ensure complete and accurate tax reporting.

Generate Tax Reports in minutes

Generate comprehensive tax reports in minutes. Moonscape translates your crypto activity into ready-to-file documentation, tailored to HMRC and IRS requirements.

Making the Complex Surprisingly Simple

Explore features designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Automatically import your transactions

Automatically sync your transaction data directly from exchanges. Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to accuracy and time savings.

Automatically import your transactions

Easily view your tax events

How much peace of mind would you have if you could view the impact of every disposal on your taxes?

Moonscape creates a view into all your disposals and other taxable events, allowing you to stay updated and understand their impact on your overall tax obligations.

Easily view your tax events

Transaction auditing

Worried about missing fiat values throwing off your tax reports? Exchanges often miss providing fiat values for crypto trades, creating gaps in tax reports.

We fill these blanks with Fair Market Value (FMV) data by back-filling essential fiat values, ensuring accurate tax calculations and highlighting any anomalies. We simplify your tax preparation, handling the complex details for you.

Transaction auditing

See your taxes at a glance

How would understanding your tax situation with clarity change your financial planning?
Experience clarity like never before with our intuitive display of tax information. We present your tax data in a comprehensible and informative manner, ensuring you stay informed with minimal effort.

See your taxes at a glance

Unified Transaction Format

Frustrated with juggling multiple exchange data formats? How about a single, unified view to make your life easier?

Moonscape simplifies your crypto journey by turning various exchange data into a single, easy-to-understand format. This makes comparing and analyzing your crypto transactions a breeze.

Unified Transaction Format


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